Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I think this will work...

I have gotten in trouble a couple of times because I made some necessary online purchases with my debit card, then the charges took a long time to come through and I forgot about them, then got caught short when they finally came through. So today I decided I would buy the items with a credit card and then immediately make a credit card payment from my checking account, even before the item gets charged to my card. The end result is the same and since I am beating the grace period, it should be fine. I know I do not want to use the credit card, BUT these are for necessary purchases, one to my food co-op and one for contact lenses. So let's see how this works.

It looks like we will not be able to put much towards debt this pay period. I have to buy the contact lenses and pay for my daughters' tuition to TeenPact, as well as fund my husband's travel envelope so he can stop using the credit card to pay for his expenses when he travels for work. He gets reimbursed but our budget is so tight that it can get dicey if he writes a check at the wrong time. I want as much as possible to switch to cash only. It has sure helped me get my grocery budget under control.


  1. I updated my Baby Boomer post. I hope I didn't offend you that was not my intent.

  2. Hi Katchmo,

    I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to encourage you and your husband in your desire to pay off debt and come home.

    My husband and I also wanted this and were able to pay off $24,000 in debt and save $30,000 for an emergency fund in about two years. I quit my job this past August. I'm not saying this to brag, but to encourage you that it can be done!

    Take care,

    ~ Z.

  3. Wow, Z, thanks for the encouragement! I love reading posts from those who have been there and done that!