Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Menu Planning Monday......on Tuesday

Well, Menu Planning Monday here turned out to be Migraine Monday, so I spent most of the day in bed wishing for very strong drugs while my family fended for itself. Migraines are the bane of my existance right now. I have done a lot of natural health work and it has fixed most of my other problems but not the migraines. They are hormonal and I am at "that age" so I hope a few years will make the difference. But right now....it stinks to be me sometimes.....

.....ANYWAY, I am fine today so here is a belated post.
MONDAY: My sweet daughter, Red, made the dutch baby pancakes and bacon that I had planned for a no-school-today treat.
TUESDAY: Pork Chops with Apple Gravy, from the 30Day Gourmet website, I'll make one for tonight and several for the freezer. Salad and potatoes.
WEDNESDAY: Chicken and rice with either salad or frozen veggies.
THURSDAY: Lamb Chops in the crockpot, with veggies and potatoes
FRIDAY: Homemade enchiladas
SATURDAY: Beef Pot Pie
SUNDAY: Life Group, no menu planned yet

My shopping list for this week is.....NOTHING. I still have plenty in my cupboards and freezer so plan on buying no groceries this week. YAY!

For more Menu Plans, head on over to Organizing Junkie.

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