Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

First, a cause for celebration.....I have a SINK! And countertops! For the first time in a YEAR, I have a fully functional kitchen! YAY! I do have to be careful of the countertops for about a week, as they have to fully cure, but we can use them lightly, and, better yet, no more dishwashing in the bathtub!

I do have some details of painting etc to finish up this week, while my beloved is gone on a business trip, so the menu is going to be simple.

MONDAY: Pork roast and potatoes....this was supposed to be for yesterday while I was working but the family forgot to cook it. When I got up this morning, Sweetness was in the process of putting this in the crockpot! She is definitely my sweetness.

TUESDAY: Lasagna, per family's request. I have not made this in forever.

WEDNESDAY: Pasta with Peas (from the depression cooking lady on You-Tube)

THURSDAY: Chili and cornbread

FRIDAY: Pot roast with potatoes and carrots in the crockpot

SATURDAY: Spaghetti

SUNDAY: Life Group Sunday...we are having Breakfast for Supper and I think we are supposed to make pancakes.

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