Thursday, February 19, 2009

God provides!

We all know that God knows the number of hairs on our heads, but I often get to thinking that He doesn't really care all that much about the mundane everyday details of our lives. I mean, who would have the time? But He proved to me today that He does.

Our family loves to ski, but this is not a frugal hobby, as you can imagine. Our local ski area allows homeschoolers to register as a school group, and this greatly reduces the cost. For a day of skiing, including equipment and lessons, it is only $20. This is a fantastic bargain, but for a family of seven (eight if the college kid is home) it really adds up. We didn't get to go skiing at all last year, so I really wanted my kids to be able to do this, even with our present challenges. There is a little bit of wiggle room with my salary, especially if I get in some overtime, so I told the kids we would pay for skiing once a month.

I made the reservations for this Friday, but then several unexpected things happened that ate up all the reserved cash that we had. I was ready to charge it on the card, if I had to, in order to keep my promise, but really didn't want to do so. I prayed about it and left it at that. Then today I was looking around in my bedroom for something completely unrelated and I ran across a check for $100 that my mother had given to my son for Christmas, and that he had given me to pay me back for something I loaned him way back in December (whew that was a run-on!). I had completely forgotten about it! $100 was exactly enough for my five children to go skiing tomorrow and they are really excited. Thank you Lord for watching out for us sparrows.

And now, Lord, our family computer completely died today. Um, do you have a minute to spare for that?

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